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2014 Nominations

To be announced...





  1. Outstanding Accomplishment

  2. Entertainment Personality: (TV, Radio, Newspaper)

  3. Excelling in Achievement

  4. Business Start Up

  5. Author of the Year

  6. Inspirational Leader

  7. Creative Arts

  8. Youth Impact

  9. Positive Impact

  10. Social Entrepreneur (Community Involvement)

  11. Best Creative Product Designer

  12. Business of the Year

  13. Entrepreneur of the Year

  14. Rising entrepreneur



  1. Young Entrepreneur

  2. Youth Recognition – Entrepreneurial Role Model

  3. Youth Recognition – Peer Mentor

  4. Youth Recognition – Academic Achiever



The Voice Newspaper Categories:

Inspirational Entrepreneur of the Year

Influential Entrepreneur of the Year




Overall: REEBA (Star award 2014)



Voting information will be released once nominations close

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